New Dub Colossus album!

Finally, we are very pleased & excited to announce that after an unexpected delay due to illness of more than 2 years, the new Dub Colossus album is now available!


It is available to preorder via Kickstarter as of today, Oct 1st 2018: link here


Titled – Dr Strangedub (or: how I learned to stop worrying and dub the bomb) it features artwork by Marc Bessant, and formats offered inc double vinyl (ltd to 200 copies), CD and download.


It will be available to preorder along with many other associated rewards which will only be available for this period, unique to Kickstarter including 2 rare 1 off dub plates, t-shirts, posters of the lp cover, remixes, day in the studio with DC, bass or gtr lesson with dubulah, even a concert in your home, ice-cream or mini golf with dubulah etc…Please pre-order as we only have very ltd numbers of these items, don’t leave it till the end of october and miss out on something you might want!


If we hit our first target amount and cover our manufacturing costs we will give away a free exclusive track/mix away to everyone who supports this release, and there will be more albums to come from Dubulah/Dub Colossus.

The album is finished, and the vinyl is being mastered at this moment by Mandy Parnell@Black Saloon


The Band will be appearing with a new lineup in 2019 featuring original DC Ethiopian singer Sintayehu “Mimi” Zenebe, with the likes of Robert Mitchell (piano) and Oli Savill (perc) joining Dubulah and Toby Mills performing tracks new and previously released on the DC back catalogue.

Dubulah will also be appearing with Transglobal Underground (original members shows feat Natacha Atlas).


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