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New EP now available!!

Marking 10 years since the first release by Dub Colossus, this mini album is a celebration of the musical journey that Dub Colossus has been on since then, featuring new versions of tracks from the first 3 albums, plus a nod to the future with 2 entirely new tracks. Dub Colossus first made an appearance in 2008. Released on Real World Records, A...

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New video

We’ve just put up a new video for A Spy In The House of Dub: https://youtu.be/kzraykSxHe4

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Competition winner!

Many thanks to all who entered the competition. We now have a winner: Paul Higgins of Western Australia, now has a complete set of CDs released by Dub Colossus to date winging its way to him!   More news coming soon, and don’t forget to check out the kickstarter for our new album, Dr Strangedub:...

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Dr Strangedub video

We’ve just uploaded a video for the title track of the forthcoming dub album!

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New Dub Colossus album!

Finally, we are very pleased & excited to announce that after an unexpected delay due to illness of more than 2 years, the new Dub Colossus album is now available!   It is available to preorder via Kickstarter as of today, Oct 1st 2018: link here   Titled – Dr Strangedub (or: how I learned to stop worrying and dub the bomb) it features...

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Testing the app

Hey everyone, I’m just testing the WordPress app, which hopefully means I’ll be able to post more regular updates Look, a new song being worked on in the studio!

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New mailing list

Hey everyone, we’ve had some technical difficulty with our mailing list. We’ve had to start a new mailing list because of the problems . We’ve managed to copy across some of the email addresses, but not all of them. So if you want to hear from us, please subscribe using the form on the home page.   Lots of news coming soon, w

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Things are brewing…

Sorry its been very quiet around here recently. Personal issues have kept us busy and away from the music, but things are starting to happen again. There will be some news soon, but expect releases and live shows in 2018. Very excited about sharing some new music with you all soon!

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