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Dub Colossus – Addis Through The Looking Glass (Realworld) – World Music

…epic and confident new set….fusion of Ethiopian jazz
and traditional styles, dub reggae and wide screen, and atmospheric instrumentals…sturdy
vocals from Mimi Zenebe…jazz-edged piano work of the brilliant young Samuel Yirga. An
intriguing inspired set.  ****

‘Ethiopia coming through’, goes the shout on Dub Colossus’s reworking of “Uptown Top
Ranking”, and that might be the theme for the whole album.  ***

An even more cohesive and enjoyable mix of dub reggae, jazzy would-be movie music and
Éthiopiques-style funk and balladry. “Ethopia coming through!” indeed.

The dub work all through the album is excellent, sympathetic and subtle. …fabulous and I
just wanted to turn the volume up and up… The title (and opening) track is a wonderful
exploration of a jazz groove…a real sense of wonder and awe. This is a properly grown up
album from Dub Colossus and in some respects much more advanced than previous
offerings… (UK) ****

A Town Called Addis…was their striking debut in 2008 but this is better, probably thanks to
their live concerts. There’s a strong reggae influence, but it’s songs like the punchy
Guragigna that stand out, with great vocals by “the Ethiopian Edith Piaf”, Sintayehu Zenebe,
underpinned by a piano ostinato and a muscular horn section with great sax solos. This
storming sound hits WOMAD in July. ****

It deserves your serious attention and enjoyment

It is all well-crafted and passionately felt, and Addis Through The Looking Glass is highly

An inspired fusion of styles on Dubulah and company’s sophomore effort.

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