Return To Addis

Written by: Dub Colossus

The EP, ‘Return To Addis’, features all unheard material: two new tracks and two remixes from the album ‘A Town Called Addis’.

1. Black Rose remix – Sidestepper brings his unique dub-flavoured Colombian hybrid sound to the track, which features the delicious smoky tones of Ethiopian singer, Desta Fikra. Wind and grind for the hips and mind… a sonic dubscape for the summer!

2. Sima Edy remix by that most irie emperor electric, Cesar Diaz – a Real World Remixed competition winner (producer Dubulah was so taken with the winner he wanted this track to reach a wider audience). It features “Mr Mesenqo”, Teremage Woretaw, on lead vocal and mesenqo, vocalists Sintayehu Zenebe and Tsedenia Gebremarkos Woldeselassie, Samuel Yirga and Feleke Hailu on keyboards and sax, topped off by the unbelievable bass playing of Winston Blissett (possibly the best bass player in the world).

3. Negus Dub features Sintayehu “Mimi” Zenebe on lead vocals, alongside the inspired percussion of Dan Harper (Invisible System) and the Horns of Negus brass section in a heavyweight dub work out.

4. Habasha Dub is an Ethiojazz taxi ride around Addis Ababa. Driven by the powerful singing of Tsedenia Gebremarkos Woldeselassie on lead vocal, with Samuel Yirga on keyboards, alongside Feleke Hailu on tenor sax (Mr Ethiopian Pop Idol to you!) via the scintillating brass sound of The Horns of Negus at their most Sun Ra and Brotherhood of Breath-influenced best.

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