Addis Undubbed

Written by: Dub Colossus

Having recently released a Dub CD, (DUB ME TENDER VOL 1+2), Dub Colossus are happy to make available for the first time, undubbed and unplugged Azmari versions of some of the songs featured on Addis Through The Looking Glass.

Titled “ADDIS UNDUBBED,” these songs are in the Azmari style, featuring voice, massinqo, krar and handclaps.

This EP is exclusive to this website via download only, at a cost of £4. The files are either mp3 or FLAC, make your choice below:



Mimi Zenebe: Vocals, Handclaps, All tracks.
Tireudel Zenebe: Vocals, Handclaps, Tracks 4, 5.
Teramage Woretow: Vocals, Massinqo, Krar, All tracks.
Tsedenia Gebremarkos:Vocals, Handclaps, Tracks 1,5.
Dubulah:  Keyboard FX, Track 3.
Published By Real World Works Ltd.
Photos by Claire Mills


  1. Christina howarth

    Can’t wait to see and hear you guys at Musicport next week!

  2. John Spencer

    Sorry to be thick, but I paid for the download of the Azmari versions of Addis to Omega tracks – what now??

  3. John Spencer

    I meant Azmari tracks of the Addis Through The Looking Glass album…

  4. admin

    Hi John,

    The download link is on your reciept page just below the product description.

    Let us know if you have any further problems.


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